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The Premier International Online Sim Racing League. Racing League, founded in 2011, hosts online racing with members from 6 continents and over 30+ countries Worldwide. Three separate tours including American, European, and Australian allows for everyone in the World to race against anybody. STA is host to over 400+ sanctioned races and offers a membership experience like no other league in the World.


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Nautica Enduro Series

World Series by Renault

V8 Super Cars

Liccairdi Vintage Series

Petit Le GT3 Series


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League Officials

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Social Media

    When you use a bird to write with, it's called Tweeting!

  • FACEBOOK Racing League is on Facebook. 
    Check out the live shots from the race track via STA's Instagram account.

Enhance Your Experience

  • Crew Chief
    Crew Chief for Project CARS is an alternative race engineer for Project Cars which contains more accurate and detailed radio messages than the built in race engineer. 
  • pCARS Dash
    Created by Pocket Playground, this second screen app allows you to display vehicle dashboard info, lap timings, or even telemetry data from your current session directly onto an iOS or Android device. 
  • vrHive
    Created by MikeyTT, vrHive features all manner of gauges for speed/revs, water/oil temperatures, lap and positional info, as well as lap timing tables and telemetry data logging. 
  • HUD Dash
    Created by Sebastian Barz, this second screen app takes a widget-based approach allowing you to pick the info you want to see and create your very own layout of the data that’s most important to you. 
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League Rules

  • Mandatory for all STA drivers to abide by, the league rules help hold STA racing events together, as well as keep order within the leagues activities. 

Calendar of Events

  • Find out what racing events are held when with a full calendar available for viewing. 

Hall of Fame

  • Check out who the best racers at STA and what it takes to become a champion. 

STA on YouTube

  • Watch onboard views from racing events and broadcasts from the league.